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Brian Joseph Ochab, Emmy® Nominated Director

I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working with Kelli Maroney. If I could have her as my producer on every project, it would be a dream. She is fiercely loyal, exceptionally talented and a mesmerizing asset to any production. As a director you are inundated by a myriad of distractions. Everyone and everything is vying for your attention. With Kelli, you feel protected as she knows exactly what to filter out so you are free to stay focused on the creative. This also results in a production that runs with remarkable efficiency. I can’t recommend Kelli highly enough. Hire her produce your next project and watch what happens!

Andy Fickman


I am a Director, Writer, and Producer for Film, Television, and Theatre. I pride myself in having a strong eye for talent and a clear vision of what I’m looking for in an Actress. I have had the pleasure of having the amazingly talented Actress Kelli Maroney in my life since the beginning of my professional career. Kelli was a crucial part of our award winning Fountainhead Theatre Company which also included Molly Shannon, Ron Livingston, Anne Heche, and Writer/Director John Lee Hancock. From the very first moment that I had a chance to work as a Director with Kelli, I was smitten by her natural born talent, her incredible comedic timing, and the strength of her dramatic skills. And it doesn’t hurt that Kelli is a timeless beauty. I look forward to many years of continuing my association with Kelli. She is that rare actress in which anyone that has ever worked with her in the past has nothing but rave reviews about her. In this town, I consider that money in the bank.

David Wendell

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I saw that Kelli Maroney was coming in to audition for a project I was directing. Was she going to “diva” me? Was she going to phone it in? Well, she got the role and she got it not just because she nailed the audition. She got it because she took the time to “get” the material, she brought incredible warmth and sweetness to a process that can be unnecessarily cold and embittered, and she nailed the audition. Killed it. Knocked it out of the park. She was so flexible as we tried a wide variety of different tones in auditions and callbacks. Kelli smiled through it all, and experimented, and risked. A director couldn’t ask more from an audition. But, it was when we started digging into the character and begun filming that Kelli truly shined. She’s got great comic timing. She’s instantly likeable onscreen. But, the thing that was most impressive was how Kelli brought incredible depth and nuance to a character that frankly didn’t have great angles written on the page. Kelli took what was there and built upon it to deliver a character that far exceeded the humor and humanity that we ever could have hoped it would have. And when it came time to promote the project, Kelli was first in line to do whatever she could to make it a success.

Joey Paul Jensen CSA

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what I huge fan I am of Kelli Maroney. She is a wonderfully talented actress and recently did a supporting lead in the feature I cast LIP SERVICE. Kelli is as agile in comedy as well as drama. She began her career at the Guthrie theatre, she has starred in soap operas, worked with the groundlings, and has starred in major features over her career. She is truly a beautiful woman whose tremendous spunk is equal to her great depth in her work and in life.

 Midsummernight's RUSH-- Actors Workout Theatre
Kelli is a hard driven, self-defense practiced exercise enthusiast who is completely hysterical...
SPA DAY/Random Acts of Theatre--Whitefire Theatre 
Kelli Maroney – the wild one of the bunch, is so funny and her snarky reactions with all the ladies will have you laughing out loud....SPA DAY/Random Acts of Theatre--Whitefire Theatre  07/2016


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